If a product has an upgrade option available, you will see a section to upgrade on the full product's page.

When you select "See Upgrades" you will be prompted to sign in to your MixWave account, and you will see your available upgrade options on the following page.

To upgrade:

  • Select your product upgrade, click add to cart, and complete the checkout process.
  • You will receive an email containing any license codes and installer downloads associated with your order.
  • Run the downloaded installer to install the plugin.
  • Open the iLok License Manager application and click the Redeem button towards the top right. 
  • Copy/Paste your license code and click Next. Choose either iLok Cloud or iLok USB dongle for the activation location.
  • In order to activate the new upgraded license, you will have to surrender the old license. Follow the prompts to surrender the original license.
  • Once surrendered, you will have the new license deposited into your iLok account. 
  • Open the plugin within your DAW or run the standalone application (if included).

All upgrades require a license surrender. You must have the original license present in your iLok account in order to activate the upgraded license.